Dermapen 3™ uses multiple fine 33 gauge needles to create thousands of micro-channels using the patent-pending AOVN™ (Advanced Oscillating Vertical Needle) technology. These channels help with infusion and transdermal delivery of topical nutrients to the cells in the dermis. 

The body responds to these micro-injuries by launching its natural healing and repairing processes. The result is an increased production of normal woven collagen, similar to fractional laser treatments, but without the side effects and downtime.

Dermapen 3™’s disposable cartridges eliminate risk of cross-contamination, while the adjustable needle depth allows for a fully individualized treatment. Treatment can address most body areas, including delicate areas such as peri-oral and peri-orbital areas, neck, and décolleté . MicroNeedling treatments can dramatically improve fine lines, acne scarring, and stretch marks.

Results can be seen even after one treatment. Lasting and more significant results will become visible after 4 to 6 treatments
(spaced 4-6 weeks apart). Continued improvement can be seen 6-12 months after a course of treatments, especially when combined with the recommended post-treatment care.

(Dermapen, 2016)